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We are a friendly group of around 50 local men and women. Some of our members are new to singing in a choir, whereas others among us already have a wealth of choral experience. Under the musical direction of our conductor Katrine, we enjoy uplifting weekly sessions learning new music and singing old classics. Our work culminates in two main concerts a year: we are lucky to be part of Priddy Folk Festival where we perform each summer, and we also enjoy putting together a well-loved family Christmas concert.

We sing a wide range of music, always in harmony, with a slant towards a light/popular repertoire. See our current repertoire here. We pride ourselves on the light-hearted, friendly atmosphere at rehearsals. Katrine makes everyone feel welcomed and comfortable, making learning enjoyable and as easy as possible. You don’t need to sing to any particular level. There is no need to read music and no-one is ever asked to sing on their own. There is no audition to join. All the parts are taught by ear and audio tracks are provided, so those who want to practise at home can sing along to MP3s, with lyric sheets or written music to follow, as you prefer. Katrine is an expert in vocal coaching, using all her experience as a teacher of posture, breathing and technique to help us develop our voices.


Although we are based in Priddy, our members come from across the local area - from Shepton Mallet to Glastonbury, and from many of the surrounding villages in between. We are also lucky to be a very mixed-age group choir, with experienced members and young people singing alongside each other and enjoying each other's company. We have the best of both worlds: a broad-mix community choir setting in which we learn to harmonise in the manner of the best choral societies. It’s a great combination!


The aim of our choir is to have fun, grow in confidence, and get to know good songs from the inside out. We work hard and have lots of fun doing it.

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